Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get Your Smile On!

This Friday, September 21st, is Picture Day at Hilsman. At Hilsman, we have a tradition of students wearing their uniform shirt and pants for Fall picture day, and then for Spring picture day they are allowed to dress in non-uniform clothing. This year will be no different. All students and staff will be photographed as these photos are used for our yearbook. Several parents are helping out as volunteers for picture day, and we appreciate that! You can also help by making sure that your child arrives at school on time and dressed appropriately.  Pictures will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Speaking of pictures, look who I ran into at the UGA game this weekend! Aron White, a former tight end with the Bulldogs, stopped by our tailgate to say hello.  This was his first UGA tailgate ever! He promised me that if/when he returns to UGA to finish his graduate degree, he will volunteer at Hilsman!

Hanging out with former Bulldog tight end, Aron White

Progress Reports

I hope everyone got a chance to review their child's progress report with them. Progress report time is an important time to celebrate the areas in which they are excelling, and help your child make an action plan for how to improve in the areas in which they want to improve. Remember, if you have concerns about your child's progress, contact your child's teacher.  They should be able to offer you additional insight about your child's performance in class.

School Council

Congratulations to Neil Hefner, Rico Mack, and Spencer Smith who were elected by your votes to serve as your School Council representatives. I am looking forward to our first meeting in October. Remember, school council meetings are open to the public.  We meet at 11:30 a.m. in the Parent Center four times per year.

IB News

Ms. Clark, our IB Coordinator, has started a blog to keep parents and community members updated about the IB program at Hilsman.  You can read it here.


This week, on Thursday, we will have our first Adopt-a-Class sessions with students.  Adopt-a-Class is a program in all the middle schools in which various businesses send representatives to the school to meet with students and share a lesson related to skills they will need for future success. Our students always get excited for visits from our Adopt-a-Class partners, and our Adopt-a-Class partners get excited to see our students!


    Hilsman's volleyball team had a tough loss this past Tuesday against BHL. Our next volleyball match will be this Tuesday, September 18, against Coile. The match will begin at 4:30 in the new gym at Hilsman. 
   Our Cedar Shoals C-Team football will be in action again on September 20th as they take on Gainesville at Cedar Shoals. Come out to support our C-Team Jags!
The Cross Country Team will be in action this coming Saturday at Oglethorpe County. Looking forward to some fast times!

Schedule Flip

The students and teachers settled in to our new schedule this week. We ended up having to make some adjustments, and now all of our classes "flip"! This makes it much easier for all of us to remember, as we simply run the schedule backward beginning with 7th period and ending with 1st. I asked the some of the students this week how they liked the new schedule. One young man told me that at the end of the day he was ready to go home, and that was bad because he had math and couldn't really focus too well.  Now he has math first thing in the morning and he already feels better about how he can focus on his work. This absolutely supports the research on rotating schedules. We will be monitoring the role that scheduling plays in our students' performance this year.

Flipping the schedule gives students the opportunity to learn each subject during their optimal learning time, whether that be morning or afternoon (Brimfield, 2003).

We are looking forward to another happy, safe, and productive week. Great things are happening at Hilsman!

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