Sunday, November 9, 2014

Benchmark Time

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Title I Survey  - Open until November 21st

We need ALL parents to take our Title I Parent Survey. It will take less than ten minutes, and will provide us with valuable information as we plan for the future of our school programs. Access the link to the survey here:

Please help us out with this. We need at least 20% of our parents to take the survey. The survey results are included as part of our School Climate Rating for CCRPI. Right now we only have 74 respondents. We need at least 140. The other middle schools are all right around 200. We have until Thanksgiving break to make our numbers.

Benchmarks - November 11 - 21

Our students will be taking the benchmarks over the next two weeks. These newly designed benchmarks will help us gather information on how our students are progressing in the curriculum, as well as how well we are preparing them for the new Milestones assessment (the new benchmarks are designed to align with the format of the Milestones). Below is the schedule:

November 11 - Reading/ELA selected response (multiple choice)
November 12 - Reading/ELA constructed response (writing)
November 13 - SS selected response (multiple choice)
November 14 - SS constructed response (writing)
November 17 - Math selected response (multiple choice)
November 18 - Math constructed response (writing)
November 19 - Science selected response (multiple choice)
November 20 - Science constructed response (writing)
November 21 - Make ups

Most students will take the benchmark for a particular subject on the date scheduled during their regular class period. Students who have testing accomodations will take the assessment during their ELT or morning connections (8th grade). We are doing this to minimize disruption to the schedule as well as minimize the amount of instructional time lost. We hope to gain useful information about our students' progress to inform our instruction during the next part of the school year.

PTO News

Yankee Candle orders have arrived. Please stop by Hilsman on Monday, November 10th to pick up your boxes.


 Here is the schedule for this week:

Hilsman Sports:

November 13th              Basketball Hilsman vs. Coile      4:30
Come join us as we unveil the banner celebrating our 2013-14 Girls' undefeated season and City Championship!


Our announcements are now a daily Google Presentation, which can be viewed by clicking here. In these announcements there is information regarding sports tryouts, club meetings, etc. To watch our weekly Panther News show, click here.

Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars!

November 10-21      Benchmarks for all contents             
November 13th        Progress Report Period ends
November 13           Basketball - vs. Coile  4:30 pm
November 18           School Council Meeting                                   

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